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Who invented Playful Learning?

Playful learning, trial and error, tinkering around just for the fun of it, is the motor of biological evolution. Without producing large numbers of variants of self-replicable nucleic acid molecules, bacteria would never have populated the planet.

Playful learning was therefore not invented by anyone. But it sure was formulated as a concept numerous people. For example, Charles Darwin and Maria Montessori wrote about it from different perspectives.

Concept Blog: On Playful Learning website is about PLAYFUL LEARNING. This blog is a loose collection of ideas and thoughts on this topic from around the world - with an emphasis on the Scratch programming language and the thoughts behind it; hence the Scratch cat on the right side. Feel free to post your thoughts and comments - in any language!

Here we go:

Animated Birthday Party Invitation

For our birthday barbecue party, we made this little animation in Scratch. It is a family co-production and an example Scratch can be used for story telling.

You need to have Java installed to play it. Click on the parrot to change scenes. (Don't click the parrot right away. You may cofuse him and so he flies upside down. Wait until he is done!)

Let's bring Passion back to Learning!

The following thoughts were initially intended as comment to a blog post on "Computational Thinking" (as a scholarly discipline).

Try Something NEW and Tell Us About It!


This is the Community page where you can tell us about what you are up to.

Have you written a cool Scratch program and uploaded it to the Scratch website?

Do you have new ideas on your mind? Or questions?

Tue 6/28: Scratch group in Nagoya

On Tuesday, June 28, we will visit the Nagoya Scratch Group, organized by Yoshiro Miyata, with will meet at the Toyota Museum from 18.00 - 20.00.
Details to follow.

Rescheduling: Seminar in Osaka

CANCELED - to be rescheduled for autumn 2011
Osaka University of Electrocommunications
Seminar on Playful Learning and creative use of Media
Students - guest listeners very welcome, but RSVP!

Whether you study English or Java, Physics or Business: What is the best way to study?

Does the answer depend on the age of the student? On the subject studied, personal preference (genetic or learned)?

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