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Fun Stuff in Kansai

  • 楽しさが伝える:中学生を含む女性アフリカ音楽バンドMafolo
  • 大阪:箕面市小野原で毎週に集まる小学生親子の小さな勉強会:スクラッチ小野原
  • 大阪:阪大の森先生Pico-Cricketの遊び方を教えて頂きました。森先生は小学生や文系大学生向けのスクラッチカリキャラムも開発・論文発表されています。これからもワークショップを開催されるではないかと思いますが、その時にTinkerlandにも是非、スケジュールを載せたいと思っています。

Scratchers in Japan

Scratch and Robotics

  • 古いパソコンの為に、古いスクラッチバージョンの日本語化の手順 (バージョン1.4以上はマウスクリック一つでどの言語でも変わります。慣れてからアラブ語でもプログラムを書いてみてください)
  • Use Microsoft's Kinect body motion capture system to make your own games and get in shape: Kinect2Scratch - I havn't tried it yet, but that won't keep me from posting it here anyway.
  • Build a programmable machine that you can control from Scratch? Try Lego WeDo
    Not for beginners: How to build your own WeDo.
  • The Pico-Cricket is a gadget that combines ease of use (Lego brick, small size) of the WeDo with even better mobility (wireless!) than the Mindstorms brick. Because of ease of use and mobility, the Cricket is really much more playful and enticing to experiment than either Mindstorms or WeDo. Drawback: Cricket does not work with scratch. It comes with a very similar programming language, so the kids will pick up immediately how it works. But you won't be able to leverage Scratch's multimedia capabilities. For example, you can't record jokes in Scratch for your robot to say, and you cannot share your Cricket programs on the Scratch website. In Japan, the Cricket is distributed by Learning Systems. It's not on their home page, so you have to make and inquiry to them.
  • If anybody has tried Modkit on Arudino to make your Scratch machine autonomous from a PC, we'd love to hear from you!
  • Also, let's not forget the picoboard to let the real world talk to scratch through electronic sensors via an USB interface. This is the same thing as the kit mentioned above. Made by a different manufacturer, the difference is that this one has a prettier layout, comes readily assembled and costs four times more.


    • First of all, go to, get your scratch login and install the software. Then try your first project and share it.
    • For tutorials and additiona information, check out the official Scratch wiki!
    • Debugems: Scratch programs with errors in them - debugging them will illustrate important computational concepts in the classroom.
    • Scratch 2.0 is currenty under development by John Maloney and the LLK team. Expected to be released in 2011 or early 2012, the new version will feature procedures and cloning of sprites.
    • If you can't wait for Scratch 2.0, try BYOB to build your own blocks (procedures).
    • MIT Media Lab's Lifelong Kindergarten Homepage
    • Media Lab's list of scholarly publications, including a characterization of the Scratch web community

    Program or be Programmed - the next step to Geekhood

    • Scratch is an offspring of Squeak, both of which are programmed in Smalltalk (at least originally). A sibling, also based on Squeak, is Etoys.
    • Once you're ready to type commands and look for an easy entry to the most powerful, modern, object-oriented programming language - Java - Greenfoot may be worth a try.
    • Unplug your PC!
      • great PDF worksheets to teach 9 year olds about bits and algorithms through group activities from NCWIT
      • C-programming as a board game!

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