Gallery of Recommended Scratch Projects

Please feel free to use and imitate any of these Scratch projects!


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Typing Tutor (advanced)

Scratch Project

Scratch lets kids write programs before they can type. But to get ready to move to the next level, they better learn how to type properly. This typing drill, written in Scratch, is meant to teach you the right finger technique. Parents support recommended to reinforce which finger goes where.

Fly Catcher Game (beginner)

Scratch Project

A very elegantly programmed little game. One of the first programs I wrote - copying from instructions, so I don't know who is the actual inventor. It taught me how to program in Scratch and has inspired many kids to use the same tricks in quite different contexts.

Cat-Mouse-Cheese (beginner)

Scratch Project

This is a simple game I made to teach a group of 2nd graders. Click with the mouse, and the mouse starts to draw a path on which the cat can walk. Try to copy it and then make it more interesting: Let the cat walk faster, add a function for the up arrow, let something happen when the cat touches the mouse or the mouse touches the cheese. Have fun exploring and adding new functions!

3-D Builder (advanced)

Scratch Project

I spotted this fascinating program off the Scratch website. Just two sprites, quite short programs, but it lets you build cool 3-D structures. Very elegant, I'm truly impressed!
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