Help us Build a Community!

We need your help to build a community:

  1. Local: Kids, parents, schools and educators in the Kansai area, for occasional face-to-face meetings to explore the world together
  2. National: Individuals and groups all over Japan for cross-regional fertilization - mostly using the web and video conferencing, but also as real friends who may visit each-other once in a while
  3. Global: Friendships across continents to enrich the cultural experience, if mostly via web because we can't swim so far
  4. Multilingual: Japaenese content would be a priority to create, but contributions are welcome in any language. Mix it up!

So, what's in it for you?

Create your own computer games, robots, animations and birthday party invitations. Meet new friends around the world and explore new stuff your parents havn't even heard about.
Learn and participate in media education, didactics, robotics, programming. Lead a project, contribute to our website, become active in a global community. If you know about web programming or want to learn it, we welcome your help and contributions! Can you help us, for example, design a good interface to social media such as Scratch or Facebook? Create a spam-proof new member registration page? Any other ideas how to enhance the online community experience, to become more interactive, artisticly enticing and FUN? Or just take it offline and organize a local event!
Widen your kids' horizons in many dimensions. Participate as a volunteer, become active to encourage your kids to explore the future as a creative contributor, not merely a consumer of information and computer games. Open a new door to the future!
New ideas, concepts, possibilities and resouces, and most important: Contacts to people who can make things happen!

Contact us to get a login to the website and start to contribute by writing simple comments and blog entries, then start tinkering with the design of the website. (Please understand we can't give all privileges to a new member, we need to get to know you step by step.)

Jump on and see how far we can take this together!